by Sebastian Zaha

Software developer, currently working on the design, development and maintenance of a card organizing website - deckbox.org. If you're into Magic the Gathering give it a try, I'd love to hear your feedback.


Sydney, Australia

11-30 Apr 2017  •  Sydney, Australia

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

26 Feb 2017  •  Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Wanting to split the drive home over 2 days, we chose to stop overnight in a european capital that does not often make the headlines.

France Ski Trip

21-25 Feb 2017  •  Le Petit-Bornand-les-Glières

Colmar & Strasbourg

19 Feb 2017  •  Alsace, France

Day trip drive through Schwarzwald, to Colmar & Strasbourg & back to Freiburg.

A touch of protesting

02, 05 Feb 2017  •  Romanian Embassy, Vienna

A little community of Romanian people in Vienna went out a couple of hours every evening between 02 and 05 February out of solidarity with the [widespread protesting] against corruption in Romania.

PSD, jos lăbuțele de pe justiție!

22 January 2017

Din solidaritate cu protestele împotriva guvernului PSD.

Palma de Mallorca

December 31 2016 - January 7 2017

After christmas, seeing as the weather in Vienna & Cluj was frightful, we thought a week in the balmier weather of the Mediterranean would be more delightful. It's of course not beach & swim weather, but still... the 25 degrees temperature difference makes for nicer post-holiday walks.

52 Weeks of Photography

2016 Edition

As a motivating endeavor, at the end of 2015 we decided with a few friends to make a _52 week challenge_ in 2016, wherein we'd try to photograph more, and pick one best picture each week of the year.

Noël Noir

2016-12-18  •  Baia Mare

Walking towards Paul's house for the annual Christmas chat. :)

Povești și glume cu Ariana

2016-12-26  •  Baia Mare

Lindy Hop Party

2016-12-18  •  Kasino Baumgarten, Wien

Swing christmas party organized by Some Like It Hot in Casino Baumgarten. I need to practice my photo focusing skills (And lindy hop, I definitely need to practice that as well). :)

Zurich Weekend

2016-10-07  •  Zurich, Switzerland

Laura participated as a coach for [Rails Girls Zurich] and I joined her for the 2 days, partly sightseeing / photographing, and one day of remote work.

Pictures at an Exhibition

A few black and white photos from galleries, taken while ignoring the actual exhibitions. :)


2016-09-11  •  Donaukanal, Wien

Walking around, taking a break from World of Warcraft :). First tests of the new 85mm 1.8 Nikon lens. Various filters from the VSCO generic package used...