Zurich Weekend

2016-10-07  •  Zurich, Switzerland  •  by Sebastian Zaha

Laura participated as a coach for Rails Girls Zurich and I joined her for the 2 days, partly sightseeing / photographing, and one day of remote work.

20 General-Guisan-Quai, Zurich

Photo by Laura, fancy glasses store.

The organ in Fraumünster Church. Turns out you're not supposed to photograph in the church, so I only managed this one until a nice lady came over to scold me :D

A walk down the aptly named Bahnhofstrasse. Lake Zurich starts where the street ends.

I'm curious about this group, but I was not curious enough at the time to follow them and find out what the story was :)

Taken from the cross-lake ferry.

Walking by I had a flashback of the Terminator 2 playground scene. Freaky.

Poor guy on the floor. Nobody cares, everbody walks away...

Museums require a ... somber & reverent attitude. The resemblance is indeed uncanny though. (Edvard Munch - Mädchenbild, 1905)