Sydney, Australia

11-30 Apr 2017  •  Sydney, Australia  •  by Sebastian Zaha

This is a selection of the nicer photographs we took. A larger version of this album, with more pics(~80) is available here, pictures of our surf camp photographer, and some phone snapshots..

Surprisingly for Sydney it's rainy and overcast as we arrive. Unsurprisingly though, the opera house looks amazing in the harbor despite the weather.

We're on holiday, so... everything is indeed A.OK!

Taking it all in.

Visiting the Sydney Royal Easter show. Fun for the whole family.

Woodchopping event. Strong boys & girls.

Speaking of strong, I'm pretty sure the rodeo guys survive on raw manliness and pain medicine...

Laura showing us how NOT to surf...

That's better! Whitewash surfing, cause we all have to start somewhere... Move to the front of the board Laura!

It's all upside down in Oz.

Palm Beach is easily taking over 1st place for "nicest beach we visited since 2015".

"So... : I stop pooping near the tents, you come back later with some goodies. Deal?"

A deal is a deal, we're all marsupials of our word here.

Stingrays also show up to receive some goodies. No deals were made though. (Couldn't shake on it.)

"Duuude, stop fidgeting, just relax & enjoy the view!"

Visiting the Anzac war memorial.

As Laura says, Sydney's got some New York vibes in the City, surrounded by California vibes on the beach. :)

Cooking in tight spaces.

Hunter Valley, visiting Krinklewood Vineyard. Laura barging in on a stranger's table.

Also in the realm of alcoholic beverages, enticing whiskey list at The Baxter Inn swillhouse. (But not enticing enough for my wallet :))

Looking great from the outside...

... and sounding great from the inside. Bye bye Sydney!