A touch of protesting

02, 05 Feb 2017  •  Romanian Embassy, Vienna  •  by Sebastian Zaha

A little community of Romanian people in Vienna went out a couple of hours every evening between 02 and 05 February out of solidarity with the widespread protesting against corruption in Romania.

Recommended background music: Caution & Concern Blues.

All the involved parties: protesters, police, the embassy, and a car driving by, probably confused.

View of the embassy from the crowd.

We have the E.U. flag as well, not only on the building! A brit passing by seemed confused as to its meaning.

What do we want? PIZZA! When do we want it? NOW!

An hour here, and spiderman already vandalized my bike. Or is that not from spiderman?

No sheep at this protest! Only shepherds!

Looking in eachother's eyes, we understand why we are here and what unites us. (In this case, the fact we probably have the same hairdresser.)