Pictures at an Exhibition

by Sebastian Zaha

A few black and white photos from galleries, taken while ignoring the actual exhibitions. :)

June 2014, London, Tate Modern. Girls sketching "Jannis Kounellis - Untitled (1979)". Not sure what the work signifies, but the scene looked interesting so I took a photo. (No, I'm not sure what the photo signifies either :P)

April 2015, New York, Museum of Modern Art. Laura looking towards the MoMA courtyard, and the NY skyline. Visiting a museum in order to look out of the window - well worth it

November 2015, Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum. Looking at mirrors, through other mirrors.

P.S. The title of the post is indeed a reference to the Mussorgsky piece. Or if you are less into violins and more into electric guitars, Emerson, Lake & Palmer have you covered with... their cover :).