Palma de Mallorca

December 31 2016 - January 7 2017  •  by Sebastian Zaha

After christmas, seeing as the weather in Vienna & Cluj was frightful, we thought a week in the balmier weather of the Mediterranean would be more delightful. It's of course not beach & swim weather, but still... the 25 degrees temperature difference makes for nicer post-holiday walks.

Late afternoon light makes for cool shadows.

As the name of the city implies, there are palm trees. :)

Evening of the 31st, the sun sets on 2016. And on Laura in this case, it sets on her too...

Laura's intrigued by the new year's eve festivities.

Pretty new year's eve lights. Or creepy lights, seeing as they are encroaching on the crowd and just about ready to eat them all. (photo by Laura)

Time for some window shopping.

Some people are doing it the wrong way around though. Or perhaps he was just trying out the mannequin perspective on life...

Walking at night, courtyard of the Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma, big glass surface makes for interesting reflections.

Looking down on Palma from the castle of Bellver.

No trip to Mallorca should be made without driving a bit on the island outside of Palma.

Pretty views from the village of Sóller.

Looking up from Port of Sóller, clouds & fog on the mountains.

Later, on the coastal drive towards Deià. I bet those dudes have a great view from their terrace...
Sunset at Son Marroig. Recommended by Joan as the best sunset in the Mediterranean, we were a bit unlucky to have a slightly clouded evening there. Still we caught some glimpses of greatness, like the one here :)

Next day, it's cloudy and windy at the beach in Alcudia. That did not stop the 40 or so courageous dudes and dudettes in wetsuits surfing.

Laura looking towards them, slightly warmer dressed.
If it's not the proper weather for getting a tan, it's the proper weather for a hike.
Yours truly, on a "great hair day", taking in the fresh seaside air.
These guys are thankful for the wind though, and they can go faast! (photo by Laura)
A bit of timid sun is coming out... (photo by Laura)
...and some of us are quick to take advantage. (photo by Laura)
On the coast driving towards Pollença it was even windier and colder, and these guys & girls even braver.

Speaking of coasts and driving, the road towards Port de Sa Calobra is astounding, and leaves you wishing for a sporty car :). A lot of hairpins and quite narrow, I assume it's frustrating in summer when you keep having to go extremely slow and careful & stop to let incoming traffic by safely. Not a problem winter in the afternoon, there was almost nobody there.

I hear it's also famous for cyclists, and it must be a grueling climb, but also I image it's very rewarding when reaching the top :).

This goes on for 10km.

On the evening of 5th of January many parades called Cabalgata De Reyes happen in Spain, and unsurprisingly the city fills up with children of all ages, trying to see the parade and receive candy. Also unsurprisingly it's not the best evening for a quiet stroll...

I thought the dudes on horses at the head of the parade are the three kings, but I think I'm wrong cause there were 4...

A bit of cultural exposure as well to end the trip is in order, this time at the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró in Palma.

Howl & the moving castle influence maybe?

Bye bye!

P.S. Not pictured, but loved the tapas. Special mention to Vermuteria La Rosa, with nice vermut & wine & a grilled octopus so good that we went there twice and considered going a third time. (and we don't do that often!)