France Ski Trip

21-25 Feb 2017  •  Le Petit-Bornand-les-Glières  •  by Sebastian Zaha

Day 1, kinda' foggy up high.

Day 2, clear & smooth!

Day 3, Chamonix. (yay, that rhymed)

Can't stop taking pictures in this beautiful weather.

Stop! Banana break time.

Can't stop ...

... taking pictures

When they tell you the ski lift down to the parking lot is closed, and you have to queue for hours for 3 other lifts & a bus to get to your car ... ... you say "Screw you, we're hiking down the damn mountain!" (We were faster than them, although it was a 1.5 hour hike :D)

Day 4, foggy again. Humans have gone extinct

Penguins in the mist

Day 5, yoga.

Laura. Plus myself, self-portrait with kilt.

Girls resting in foreground. Tiny people climbing the mountain in the background.

Someone who cannot be me, nor Laura, not now, and probably not ever. Or maybe... who knows :D

P.S. 3 people (& 2 gophers) ski trip in a Mini? No problemo. Just pack light & tight.