Colmar & Strasbourg

19 Feb 2017  •  Alsace, France  •  by Sebastian Zaha

Day trip drive through Schwarzwald, to Colmar & Strasbourg & back to Freiburg.

Driving from Freiburg through Schwarzwald, Andrei knows the nicest spots.

Trusty driver at the wheel. Stuttgart is closer than Munich, but we can't afford a Porsche, so Mini it is.

The Alsace poster-boy village of Colmar.

It's steeples all the way up.

The guide. (is there already an action movie with that name? if not, there should be.)

The chick.

The tourists.

Quite interesting attic windows. (man do I sound old...)

Cath├ędrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Bathe in the light.

Petite France in Strasbourg

Just to be different from all the other touristy shots, finishing here with a different angle. :)