52 Weeks of Photography

2016 Edition  •  by Sebastian Zaha

As a motivating endeavor, at the end of 2015 we decided with a few friends to make a _52 week challenge_ in 2016, wherein we'd try to photograph more, and pick one best picture each week of the year.

Although in the end I came last at the number of photos submitted (with 20 out of 52 possible), I'd call the whole thing a resounding success. I think we all did photograph more this year than previous years. Although many weeks were skipped, the challenge was always there in the background, gently nudging you to shoot something.

The year was also a great one for it, with constant travel. Definitely no lack of opportunities and pretexts to pick up the camera.

Week 1, January 3. Store window on Westbahnstrase, Wien.

I think we went with Andrei & Ane at a photo exhibition at Westlicht, to start the year on a photographically motivating note. The bike was in a store window close to the gallery.

Not an exciting photo, but it was sharp and shiny and I had nothing else that week. And it has a flask! :)

Week 2, January 8. Mirrored elevator, Wien.

Playing around with mirrors. Turned out slightly interesting, a lot of vertical lines. Focus is bad tho'

Week 3, January 12. Building entrance, Wien.

Walking towards the gym (new year resolutions...), a modern new building just finished construction in the 7th district, with an interesting pattern on the entrance doors, light was on, and the colors pleasant.

Week 4, January 24. Cărbunari, Maramureș, Romania.

Visiting my family. The young pup is Ares, my sister's new dog, playing with Zoe, older, wiser, and infinitely patient with the young & crazy generation.

Week 5, January 26. Baia Mare, Romania.

Same visit, 2 days later, facebook-ish photoshoot with the same Ares, and Laura.

Week 16, April 24. Laudongasse, Wien.

The first break of the year in the weekly photo challenge, and what a break. 11 weeks!

This was one of a set of photos made for our listing on Home Exchange, which we wanted to try out. Featuring myself, Spock and Lupe, all as ghosts. Also the only one this year from a tripod. Something to work on in 2017!

Week 17, April 28. Oberhausen, Deutschland.

Went to north Germany to buy a used car for Cristina. Among various logistical and bureaucratical errands, and a lot of driving, had some time for just a few pictures, of which this one felt slightly interesting.

Week 18, May 3. Cărbunari, Maramureș, Romania.

Rabbit, dead-on. Looks funny.

Week 26,July 1. Bratislava Castle

A window & a hallway through another window. Reflection is the opposite side of the inner courtyard.

Week 27, July 9. Sacré-Cœur, Paris

People chillin'. Some literally, some figuratively.

Week 28, July 11. Versailles, Paris

Beautifully pimped classic Mini outside Versailles. Laura fell in love and tried to boost it, but they caught her and burned her at the stake. Errr, wait... that's a different French story...

Week 29, July 21. Wien

Again on the way to the gym (no, I did not regularly go from January to July), photographing the Kolarz lights store. Actually it was not yet dark, but the outside looks underexposed because of the lights inside.

Week 30, July 26. Wien

I broke my phone screen and ordered a new one from amazon. Figured I can fix it myself, and I "kind of" did, almost. I also wasted 3 hours of the workday trying to take this photo, cause I don't have a tripod. This is the best I could do... what can I say. At least I tried! :)

P.S. I broke the screen again in December, so I might have a chance to retake this shot better for 2017.

Week 36, September 11. Donaukanal, Wien

Testing the new 85mm 1.8 Nikon lens, went for a walk on the Donaukanal, taking a break from non stop playing World of Warcraft that week. It was phase! :D. It was still light out, underexposed by mistake, otherwise I don't think I would have noticed the cool sky pattern. Happy little accident, as Bob Ross would say.

Week 38, September 24. Otakringer Brauerei, Wien

With Laura & Andrei at a craft beer event. The monkey is the logo of a tasty IPA from BrewAge.

Week 40, October 09. Zurich, Switzerland

Laura went to Zurich for a Rails Girls event and I joined for sightseeing for a few days. I walked around half a day on Sunday taking photos.

Week 41, October 16. Loisium Hotel, Steiermark, Austria

Post-wedding relaxation weekend away. Honeyweekend if you will...

Week 50, Dec 17. Casino Baumgarten, Wien

At a swing-themed christmas party organized by Some Like It Hot. A lot of Lindy Hop :). That's Ryan Francois in the picture, but sadly I missed the focus. I still like the composition & colors...

Week 51, December 25. Cărbunari, Romania

Zoe & Ares again, this time he's 3 times the size he was at the previous picture in January. Still young & restless and tormenting the older dogs with his childish energy & antics. But they abide.

Week 52, December 31. Palma de Mallorca

I actually think I had a couple better contenders this week, but it felt nice to end the whole thing with a picture of the last sunset of the year.